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Our whole ambition with Sanction & PEP screening is to provide a fully automated process so you don’t need to worry.   Automatic checks on every new customers, daily monitoring of all customers against Sanctions & PEPs, email alerts and detailed information on any matched customers.  Our automated systems are “on-guard” 24 x 7 x 365 days per year.

Reporting is comprehensive and concise, a single client report is produced as a secure pdf, providing the detailed information required to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations.  This information is securely hosted for the duration of your contract enabling fast and efficient retrieval to support any client investigation, compliance audit or regulator visit.

When a Sanction or PEP update matches with your client we email alert you to this event and provide the necessary biography, adverse media and photographic information to enable you to complete your enhanced due diligence within 1 or 2 minutes.  In over 60% of cases we perform this enhanced due diligence automatically for you.

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Sanctions, PEPs, SIPs & RCA Screening

Terrorism, Organised Crime, Drug and People Trafficking are global challenges for Government and sadly these challenges are here to stay.  Sanctions & PEP screening is an increasingly important part of AML Compliance, it is complicated and can be difficult and costly to fulfil this obligation on a regular basis.

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Sanction & PEP Alerts

To ensure your firm remains compliant at all times we provide a “daily monitoring” service on all your customers that we host in our systems for the “lifetime” of your contract.

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Automated Enhanced Due Diligence

AEDD is triggered whenever an individual's name is matched on a Sanctions or PEP list. This function uses the input data and matches this against the latest Watchlist Database.   When there is sufficient data to confirm the match is a "false positive", the standard MLRO alert is suppressed.  The AML certificate is updated automatically to confirm that EDD has been carried out.

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Daily Monitoring & MLRO Alerts Service

True “Daily Monitoring” is rarely provided by an AML service provider, SmartSearch uniquely hosts your client search data and we take daily updates from Dow Jones each night to enable this daily monitoring service. What’s even more impressive is we do all this at no extra cost to your AML search price; this is why you will pay a little more to use SmartSearch but it’s worth every penny.  

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Companies House Filing Alerts

SmartSearch provides an online portal for the retrieval of Companies House Documents and Directors Information. This facility is designed to enable users to retrieve additional information on their Client Firms and the Directors or Partners to enhance their Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) understandings and to mitigate any commercial risk pertaining to new client relationships.

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