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Delivering AML International searches is challenging as most datasets are not available or they don’t exist. Infrastructure difficulties and a host of language and cultural differences canfurther complicate the picture.

As a consequence, our service is delivered by sourcing existing or creating new credit reports on the “target businesses”.  The Directors and Beneficial Owners of these businesses are the subject of an Individual Identity check using Government Procured Documents: Passport, Identity Card, Driving Licence, Residency Permits, Visas, Military ID, and UNLP (Laissez Passer), currently 18 different documents types.

To verify an Individual’s identity a clean image (scanned or photographic) of one or more of the aforementioned Government Procured Documents is required.   The basic service validates that the document conforms to the correct style and format for the country specified.

An OCR review identifies and isolates personal data, verifying this against customer application data; security algorithms, their check digits and the composite document check digit are validated to ensure they are correct. A report is produced to confirm the outcome and the check has taken place, this process takes 60 to 90 seconds.  This Basic service covers 213 countries and a minimum of 12 different document types, over 2,500 permutations. 

If any concerns arise or the transaction is of high value, an additional check can be performed.   The document is scrutinised by Experts trained to a “Border Security Level 3” qualification to identify forged documents. This process will take between 1 and 2 hours.

These Business and Individual records are all processed through the same rigorous worldwide Sanction & PEP checking regime as our UK data subjects   All our client’s Individual customers are monitored on a daily basis and we apply the same email alerts and enhanced due diligence services as we use in the UK.

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