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Internet sales have risen exponentially in recent years where now billions of pounds are spent and traded over the Internet every year providing in some cases easy and rich pickings for professional fraudsters.   We have a range of fraud prevention solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

SmartSearch offers a range of comprehensive services that can be used in isolation or as a combined fraud prevention solution.

  • ID Validation – Accessing Experian’s major reference data sources such as full Electoral Roll, CAIS Credit Performance Data, CCJ’s, Bankruptcy, Fraud Score & Alert Services
  • Bank & Card Validation -  Validate Bank Account & Sort Code to the “Name on the card” at the “address given”.    Verifying the Account Holder, Card Number to the Account and Person to the Account as well as AVS and CV2 checks on the card.
  • Mobile Validation - Live Mobile, Network Code, Operator, Country Code,
  • IP & Device Validation - High Risk Areas, Hidden IP addresses
  • Delivery Fraud Score - Understand the risks involved and identifying high risk delivery areas
  • CIFAS – Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance Scheme.  A member’s only private database of known fraudsters which can be used to screen new customer recruitment   
  • Global Fraud Alliance Data - The Largest Online Database of known Fraudsters for E-Commerce 
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