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Networks and Compliance Specialists provide their clients with large range of support products and services.  SmartSearch partners with some of the largest Networks to provide their Members with fully integrated cost effective AML, Sanctions & PEP solutions, helping Firms to comply with the latest Money Laundering Regulations.

The Financial Community provide a wide range of services and products to their clients, and as a consequence many have a complex array of policies and procedures to deal with, plus a range of differing products and clients who have diverse interests and circumstances.   Those could be Individual or Business clients and the financial and reputational risks of getting compliance processes wrong can be substantial and have serious consequences. Some of the effects of this has been seen in recent years by a number of high profile Financial Institutions being fined “eye watering” sums by either Industry Regulators or Governments.

Whether you are part of a large Network or an Independent Firm, we can provide you with the very best AML, Sanctions & PEP compliance solution.

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Networks provide their clients with a large range of support products and services and a compliance framework to operate in.   SmartSearch partners with a number of the largest Networks to provide their members with cost effective, compliant AML, Sanction & PEP solutions.

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Independent Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors generally have fewer resources to apply to compliance matters than larger groups and networks. It is therefore important to identify an AML, Sanction & PEP solution that is, efficient, cost effective and fully compliant.

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