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Terrorism, Organised Crime, Drug and People Trafficking are global challenges for Government and sadly these challenges are here to stay.  Sanctions & PEP screening is an increasingly important part of AML Compliance, it is complicated and can be difficult and costly to fulfil this obligation on a regular basis.

This is why we have created an automatic process which performs Sanction, PEP, SIP & RCA screening on every AML check you perform.   Equally important, we screen all your customers every night against changes to our data sources.   The source of our reference data is the Dow Jones Factiva Watchlist which comprises over 1,100 worldwide Sanction & PEP lists updated daily.   We host this database in-house and take updates every night to drive our screening and daily monitoring services.

Another major challenge when accessing this data is matching your data subjects accurately to minimise the number of false positives the system produces, we believe we have perfected this process to deliver a fast and efficient solutions for you.   

You will never need to worry about checking Sanctions & PEPs in future because we will monitor your clients and tell you when a change occurs and we will notify you if you need to take any action.

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