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SmartSearch uses multiple data sources for ID, Bank and Card validation, which means Merchants can select the best service(s) to compliment their own internal systems, or if necessary use the entire SmartSearch solution.

SmartSearch uses the following data sources

  • ID Validation
    • Using Experian’s vast array of data such as Electoral Roll, Credit Performance Data, County Court Judgments (CCJs) , Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Fraud Score & Alert Services
  • Bank & Card Validation
    • Validate Bank Account and Sort Code and confirms it matches the name and address of the individual supplied
    • Matches the card number to the name and address of the individual supplied
    • Matches the CV2 (3 digit security code) to the card number supplied
    • Confirms that debit card is live and active
  • Mobile Validation
    • Validates the mobile number supplied is live, confirms the Network, the Country of Registration and if it turned on
  • IP & Device Validation
    • Alerts high risk areas and hidden IP address
  • Delivery Fraud Score
    • Identifies high risk postcodes
  • Global Fraud Alliance Data    
    • The largest online database of known fraudsters for E-Commerce

A strong fraud screening system will suspend a payment if information:

  • Matches data stored in the Merchant's internal negative files.
  • Exceeds pre-defined velocity limits and controls.
  • Detects an AVS or security code mismatch or no match.
  • Match other high-risk signs. For example, payments placed with anonymous e-mail addresses, high-risk shipping addresses or foreign-issued cards.

E-Commerce and retailers can also design cost efficient and timely evaluation procedures for calculating high-risk transactions. Such fraud screening procedures help retailers and avoid manual review of payments and transactions in which potential fraud loss would be less than the aggregate costs of screening and evaluation.

For many e-commerce Debit and Credit Card processing users, getting third party fraud scores for each transaction may not always be cost-effective. However, with SmartSearch we can supply this as a standalone product or in combination with other services. We can create a bespoke transactional process that allows merchants to create exception rules based on the value of goods or the potential risk presented by the transaction. The merchant can reduce costs by separating low risk or low-value orders, where the potential losses are small.

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All Gambling Operators have a responsibility to keep Financial Crime out of Gambling. Non-remote and Remote Casinos have additional responsibilities under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007; they also have a requirement to verify the age of their customers.  The Gambling Commission has a duty as a Supervisory Authority to ensure that adequate controls are in place to prevent Casinos from being used for Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing.

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