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Processing an Individual Anti Money Laundering (AML) check is easy and convenient. You simply need to enter the Individual’s name, address and date of birth (optional but recommended); press return and SmartSearch will do the rest.   In just 3 seconds you will have a completed AML check that will give you a clear PASS or REFER result, this includes automatic worldwide Sanction & PEP screening.

After the initial AML check, we continue to monitor each customer on a daily basis for the duration of your three year contract. So you don’t have to worry about any future changes to Sanctions & PEPs.   If you choose to retain traditional methods of verification for higher risk clients, we can still validate Passport, Driving Licence or National Insurance Number documents.

Your output is a convenient Adobe pdf document which details all the necessary information completing your AML, CDD and further assisting you with your KYC obligations.   All AML client information can be retrieved on a real-time basis through the SmartSearch platform.   Additionally, you can file this in to your Case Management or CRM System or print a hard copy for use in future compliance audits or regulatory visits.   Our daily monitoring facility will alert you in future to any changes in Sanctions & PEPs; view our “Reporting, Monitoring & Alerts” web page for more detail.

It really is as simple as that, why not take a SmartSearch demonstration and see for yourself? 

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